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Water Damage and Time

People need water to live and it is completely essential in many household processes. For something that is so beneficial, water damage can also be the undoing of many different types of building materials. It can rust steel, take the varnish off of hardwood floors, and ruin ceilings, drywall, and plaster.  The difference between water being a helper of humans and a huge headache is just the simple addition of time. Even perfectly clean water can become a haven for mold, bacteria, and other small microorganisms that can affect the health of people, pets and plants. Water must be cleaned promptly and completely to insure that these things are avoided.

Different methods of removal are used based on what type of water is the problem. Water has three categories; clean, gray, and black water. Clean water is unpolluted and comes from leaky plumbing, or the leaks from water pipes that hook into appliances. Gray water contains few small microorganisms and can make people sick if consumed. It is water that has been used to clean things or carry urine and has become contaminated. Finally, black water contains sewage, runoff from streams, lakes and rivers, and other contaminants, including mold and other fungi. Unfortunately, given time and an adequate nutrition source, any water can become tainted and completely ruin a surface. In as little as two days sitting water can ruin a carpet past the point of recovery. Water can fit into small spaces, and bring with it smelly and potentially dangerous mold.

The process of water removal has to be carefully monitored to ensure that equipment is working properly and that all water has been safely taken out. This takes a large amount of vigilance. Water sinks further and further into both porous and non-porous surfaces, which can lead to larger expense and further damage. Being proactive can save money, save time, and can make your home as good as new. The proper equipment and the professionals with the proper training can do wonders for the quickness and thoroughness of the work done. It can even transform your space back to it’s original state, before any of the water damage occurred. After all the water has been removed, it is time to assess how much of the affected material can be salvaged. If parts or all of the material are too far gone, it is important to remove these damaged pieces so they cannot affect the whole. After temperature and moisture are returned to acceptable levels, the process of recovery is complete, but it is important to keep a close watch on the areas to be sure the water does not return.

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