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Burst pipes in the water system are one of the most common plumbing problems both in the public system and in your home during the winter months. There are several things which can cause a pipe to burst but the primary one is freezing conditions.

Due to the over-crowd of Edmonton city and the population boom, burst pipes have become more and more common. We have combined such complicated systems of plumbing in our homes like boilers, waste disposals, and even the garden features. The burst pipes within our home are simply the worst possible thing that could happen to our plumbing system. It is not the cost of the pipe repair or even the loss of water while being fixed, but the cost and sheer amount of the damage water can do.

If you are experiencing a water damage from a burst pipe, call Edmonton’s #1 Water Damage Experts!

We will be onsite within 45 minutes and start the drying process.


What causes a pipe to burst?

As mentioned, the main cause for a pipe to burst is due to the water inside the pipe freezing in the cold temperatures. When water freezes, it expands and builds pressure within the pipe. Eventually this will cause the pipe to burst. More minor effects are cracks that will occur due to this, however, the water leaking out can cause a lot of damage and if it going on for a while, mold growth can start. Other reasons a pipe may burst are;

  • Aging
  • Damage and
  • Misuse

The pipe can be put under a great pressure through the system, and any piping fault will be exposed through time and broken down. The effects of burst pipes can be devastating and dramatic all at the same time. It can put you out of your home and even close a whole area of roads or a town for several days.

Why Choose Us for a Burst Pipe Repair in Edmonton? 

If you have ever had a problem with your plumbing, you know it can be a real inconvenience when something unexpectedly goes wrong. Just imagine what it would like if the pipe in your home suddenly bursts, and you are faced with major water damage. Acting fast when this occurs is key, which is why we at Canada’s Restoration Services Edmonton is the right company for you. We will arrive on site within 45 minutes and begin the dry out process. If you need a plumber, we work with the best in the city and can have them arrive onsite with us to stop the leak. At this point the water will need to be turned off and the damaged section(s) of pipe will need to be replaced.

Our experienced and certified IICRC technicians will;

  • Extract any sitting water
  • Install drying equipment; dehumidifiers and fans
  • Remove of any affected materials such as carpet, under pads, flooring, and drywall
  • Monitor the site to ensure all is drying accordingly

We operate 24/7, 365 days of the year, so whenever the damage occurs, we are ready and just a phone call away!

Insurance – The Claim

Typically your Insurance will cover the damages from the burst pipe and we can deal directly with your adjuster. We are approved by all major insurance companies and have the years of experience in insurance claims.

If for whatever reason the claim is denied, we offer free in house financing to help deal with the cost. Instant approval notice and $0 down and 0% interest!

Contents – Our Pack out Service

Depending on the storage availability at your home, sometimes the content and furniture needs to be taken off site while the restoration is happening. Instead of repositioning the furniture, it may require you to transport it all together. We have a large, safe facility that we will carefully wrap and box your possessions and hold them until ready.

Thermal Imaging - The Moisture Tools

We use state of the art moisture equipment to ensure that all the area’s, even what is unseen to the eye, are dried out. Our Thermal Imaging can detect moisture in behind the walls and underneath the floor. Our moisture tools will also detect to see what the humidity levels are.

Reconstruction – The Rebuild

Once your home has been cleared of all the water and there is no excess moisture, we will send our construction team who can rebuild your home back to its original state or add a new flare.

Secondary Water Damage

If the damages areas are not cleaned and dried out properly and quickly, then secondary damages can occur. Secondary damages are additional damage created from the original water damage;

  • Mold GrowthMold Growth can start within 24-48 hours after the water intrusion so it is extremely important that things are dried out quick to prevent any mold from growing.
  • Wood Rot –The longer moisture is trapped, then the wooden studs will start to get soft and deteriorate. This runs hand in hand with mold growth
  • Corrosion – As the water meet with the plumber of the home it will cause the metals to rust and eventually deteriorate. This can lead to further pipe damage and additional water damages.
  • Electrical Damage – depending on where the water comes from and how much of it, it can enter the electrical sockets and cause shortages and can even cause shocking – water and electricity.
  • Drywall & Ceiling Damage – if the water enters into a finished area of the home, it will soak right through the drywall and if it is a lot of water than those sections will have to be removed.

Natural calamities may catch us unaware. As hazardous as a calamity is, so are the repercussions that must be dealt with in the future. In most cases, when a burst pipe occurs, the water damage is too extensive for you to clean up on your own.

Rely on a company that treats your home as if it was one of their own, Call Canada’s Restoration Services Edmonton to repair your home and get you back on your feet!


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