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Water Damage Repair

Water damage happens when it is least expected and can cause major damage to your homes and properties. If this happens, it is expected that the water will penetrate to the structures of the house or the building. This moisture may lead to further damage in your house structure if it is not remediated immediately. The surface may start delaminating or to shrink and the wearing out of the surface could cost you large amounts of money for the repair. Thus, immediate action should be done to address the effect or the result of the water damage. 

If you are facing the issues of water damage and need a water damage specialist’s aid, Canada's Restoration Services Edmonton is the company that you can count on. Our team of professionals knows how to neutralize the threats and can handle any size job. We can identify the extent of the damage, evaluate the affected material, eliminate the destroyed materials and dry up what can be salvaged. We understand your belongings are important to you, which is why we offer Pack Out Services. We carefully pack your prized possessions and keep them in our large, safe facilities until the property is back to its normal state. Aside from rendering water damage repairs, we also offer other services to address the issues that resulted from flooding and other water related scenarios. Once your property has been cleaned and all excess water and moisture is gone, we can provide you with our Reconstruction Services to bring your home back to normal!

We are available 24/7 and can be onsite within 45 Minutes in case of a Water Damage Emergency. If it has been an ongoing issues, we can arrange for a Free Inspection to determine the source and provide a proper scope of cleaning and remediating the issue.

Don’t wait, call Edmonton’s Water Damage Experts today! 


We will:

  • Provide quick response to your call
  • Arrive at your home or property within 45 minutes
  • Identify the source, if necessary, and fix promptly
  • Provide water extraction services for any sitting water
  • Install drying equipment to remove of any excess moisture
  • Monitor your property to ensure all is drying to standards
  • Deal directly with your insurance if this has been a covered claim


To ensure obtaining high quality service on cleaning and restoration after basement flooding, you can consider Canada’s Restoration Services and we will do everything. Our staffs are highly trained in restoring and drying up the things that can be usable. We will also give suggestions if some of the furniture is not suitable to use and need to be disposed.

As mentioned earlier, the water damage can make the structure weak after it has been saturated. This is called Secondary Water Damage and quick action is require to prevent from occurring.  There are many forms of secondary damage and the longer the water is left, the further the damage and risk to the people living in the property. Other forms of secondary water damage is:

  1. Mold Growth– Moisture is a key element for mold to grow. If moisture is trapped or is organic materials have been saturated, mold will grow.
  2. Electrical Hazards– Water can seep into the electrical sockets and can cause malfunction to the wires or even worse, electrical shocking. If you suspect that the electrical has been affected, stay clear of the area; only a professional with the experience and training should handle.
  3. Corrosion– we all know what happens when metals and water meet, rust. The longer these materials are affected by water damage, the more deterioration of your pipes and other metal structures of the home will occur. This can lead to leaking pipes and burst pipes which will leave an even bigger debt in your pocket.


Water Damage Prevention

Understanding what can cause potential water damages and knowing how to prevent is key when preserving the life of your property or home. We have put together a list of things to check as preventative maintenance to ensure the longevity of your property.

1. The Exterior

Prevention of water saturation must start outside because water typically comes from outside the structure. This is due to the fact that DIY methods often create further damage in your home’s water systems rather than restoration. The water that did not evaporate in certain areas of your house might result to the softening of the wall materials and then eventually lead to the collapse of the structure. One important thing that you have to bear in mind is to have a waterproofed basement. In pursuing such a project, it would require you to bring in a foundation expert who can inspect and spot any deficiencies that could pose a possible threat. They can check your waterproofing and weeping tiles to ensure that everything is in working order. They can also spot any cracks that could also be allowing for water to enter into your property.

The procedures on installing an efficient and effective water system take a lot of complex efforts. This is not your ordinary hose or faucets, so of course, it needs to be done by a highly professional and qualified foundation expert.

Here are some of the benefits that such a service provider can give you:

  • Excavating and hauling the soil around the treated walls.It will help to remove extensive clays that can abolish the force resulting to cracked walls.
  • Fixing the walls where the water system runs through. This is to fix and make the structure’s foundation firmer. The use of “Hydraulic cement” can be useful to restore the structure.
  • Sealing. This procedure has three main steps which include closing the pores or cracks of the walls using based sealant, application of elastomeric coating (for those who want elastomeric walls). These procedures are difficult to do correctly unless you are really a professional one. To do it in the best possible way, you should hire a reliable water damagerepairservice team.

2. The Interior

Next important is to ensure that all pipes and drains in your home are in good working order and up to code. Burst pipes and drain backups are very common when it comes properties experiencing a water damage. Whether the pipes are deteriorating due to age or there are not properly insulated; water damage can pose a threat. If proper back up valves are not set in place, you can have dirty city water coming in through every available opening possible; floor drains, toilets and yes, even bath tubs. Not only are you dealing with water damage, but contaminated water, which requires more invasive cleaning to ensure that safety of everyone’s health in the property.

We can schedule in Thermal Imaging and Leak Detection inspection if you suspect there could be a leaking pipe in your home. With the state of the art technology, infrared guns, we can detect if there is sitting water in behind the walls that is not visible to the human eye. With the use of thermal imaging we can also have a better idea of where this water is coming from and put a plan in action on fixing to prevent any more damage.


*** If your require assistance in finding a reliable company that you can trust to inspect your foundation or your plumbing, give us a call today. We only work with the best companies and can make the connection to ensure that you and your property are in good hands.

Whether you have an emergency at hand or a persistent leak, call us today. A dedicated project manager will be with you throughout the entire process to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Your home is important to us, so make the right call and trust Edmonton’s #1 Water Damage Specialists today!


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