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Causes for Water Damage in Edmonton Region

Dealing with a water damage is never fun. The longer you wait, the more risk you are at for secondary damages to develop. Water needs to be cleaned quickly or the damage from moisture, humidity, and flooding will compromise the structural integrity of your home - weakening floors, walls and ceilings.

Below is a detailed step by step procedure Water Damage Edmonton performs when dealing with a water damage: 

1. Inspection- After being contacted by a home owner, an inspection is carried out by our certified and licensed professionals. An examination is conducted where the source is identified and the water source is stopped; the type of water is identified and the extent of damage caused is examined.

2. Water Extraction- Majority of the water is extracted from your home or business with our state-of-the-art technology and equipment. We use the latest technology, such as moisture detectors and thermal imaging (which is a way to improve visibility of hidden objects), to help identify and extract water from all affected areas, while performing the job promptly. 

3. Drying & Dehumidification- Using our specialized equipment, the remaining affected areas (including floors & walls) will be dried, dehumidified and deodorized. This is a very important step in the procedure and occurs to also prevent mold from occurring. 

4. Content Restoration- All affected areas, objects and furniture will be cleaned and restored back to normal. After a water damage, many items can be restored. However, some items may be destroyed and would be unretrievable. 

5. Restoration- Restoration involves repairs that are needed to restore your home or business back to normal. This can include carpet repairs, tile repairs and drywall removal. 

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Causes for Water Damage

1. Drain Backup- Heavy rain in Edmonton makes it difficult for the city drains to keep up with the flow of water that it produces. If drains are full, they need to be able to store the water somewhere - that is how water ends up in your basement. Home owners usually can not expect this and it can cause severe damage to your home. We recommend installing backup valves to prevent this overflow of water from making its way to unexpected areas.

2. Burst PipesBurst pipes are quite common in Edmonton. Due to the cold temperatures in Alberta, pipes can sometimes burst and cause a large water damage. It is important to ensure that all pipes are insulated and heat is left on in cold temperatures. Always move furniture out of the way before you call a water damage company to minimize any damage.

3. Foundation Cracks & Issues- Older homes in Edmonton can be an issue when examining the causes of water damages. The foundation and structure for an older home can begin to deteriorate, which can cause a water damage. If foundations are maintained properly, then there should not be an issue, but it only takes one small crack for water to start infiltrating. If you live in an older home, contact a company that can inspect the foundation of your home and ensure that there is proper waterproofing and no cracks.

4. Damp Basements- Homes in Edmonton may sometimes be left with dirty basements or basements that are unfinished. This can cause additional moisture issues that don't often lead to major water damages, but can lead to mold growth. Mold growth can cause severe damage to your home and is unsafe for you and your family. Contact a restoration company, such as Canada's Restoration Services, that will examine your home. 

5. Natural Disasters- Unexpected disasters happen in Edmonton, usually during the winter and spring months. Preparing for natural disasters is difficult and can sometimes be forgotten. Flooded basements are common throughout the city during spring and can deteriorate your home if the water is not extracted. 

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